Bad Piggies: Download bad pigs

Bad Piggies, they are also bad pigs, this character in the game Angry Birds. Yes, it is with them fighting ruthless evil bird. The guys from Rovio decided to rest his feathered breadwinners and released a spin-off of his most famous play.

Familiar slingshot in the left corner of the screen there. And the gameplay is “green pigs” has nothing to do with the gameplay Angry Birds. However, the plot of “angry birds” in Bad Piggies present. Albeit indirectly. Ill pigs to steal eggs, their flying opponents. To do this they draw the map outline, which is torn to shreds, because no time turning on the fan. Now, for his evil plan, pigs need to collect pieces of the map.
Once passed the levels of the first mission, the Bad Piggies reappears card. They redraw it in a wooden box, not realizing that it contained explosives. Naturally, it blows up at the wrong time, and a card with a plan of hostilities again shatters into pieces.
Now about the gameplay. Piece of the map is given for shipping pig (sometimes with his crowned leader) from point A to point B. The delivery on the mobile device of his own invention, which can be collected from the available funds. Actually, the collection vehicles and is the essence of the game.
The guys from Rovio promise that the game Bad Piggies can create a thousand different mobile devices.
A mobile agent must bring the “green” to the promised piece of card. It should keep track of time and collect the stars, which laid out the optimal trajectory of the movement.
Game developers decided to use the same system all the three-star rank of the player, as in the “parent” game. So, one star is given for delivery to a piece of pig cards. Two others, for collecting bonus boxes marked with stars or other assignments.

To date, there are versions of the game foriOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS X. Bad Piggies freedownload for personal computers running Windows, you can by clicking on this link.

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