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Bad Piggies finally upgraded to Road Hogs

badpiggies_roadhogs(Bad Piggies – Road Hogs) Bad Piggies, finally received its long-awaited update, entitled Road Hogs, and now 1.2.0 version of the game has become. Upgrading truly welcome, as it announced a long time ago, in addition, before it took several months of complete inaction on the part of Rovio, but not despair!

The work done is beyond praise.

What awaits you in updating the Bad Piggies Road Hogs:
- 30 new levels, the final episode of Flight in the Night. In particular, the 24 standard levels and 6 bonus.
- Even more skulls! Find 7 new skulls scattered to 30 levels.
- A new level in the sandbox. Will need to collect twenty boxes scattered very impressive level.
- Auto Road Hogs. It includes six travel for a while. It is extremely difficult, as difficult and hilly tracks, you will need to include all your skills to manage that end, each of these levels in the period.
- Angry Birds! It’s practically a full invasion of private property pigs! They sleep, but if you wake them up, then you will begin to shoot from the legendary slingshot, trying to destroy the car.
- Six new achiv in GameCenter. (Bad Piggies – Road Hogs)

Bad Piggies Download

(Bad Piggies Download) In this game we play as the bad pigs who want to get to the eggs. Once on the island of birds, our heroes are stolen goodies plan, but when it came directly to implementation, as always unforeseen difficulties. You have to build a vehicle that will go on land, on the water slide, and even fly. And all this – for the sake of his goal.

Bad Piggies Download 2Toy is made very high quality, it all worked out just the details. You will see a large, vivid colors levels. A large variety is achieved by a very sophisticated area. In addition to a nice picture, you’ll see a good animation, which makes the whole gaming experience alive and dynamic.

Unlike other games of this series, this one has a small bias towards logic. In view of this observed enhanced physics, which is done very realistically. Your “ship” with a pig on the top would cheerfully jump slopes, flying up to jump the gap, and all of this action would be more realistic. Throughout this action you will be accompanied by the original theme music and sound effects, many individual who can please every player.

The game consists of 60 different levels, at the beginning of each you need to build a new type of transportation of the funds that are available nearby. In general, it is about 30 objects – boxes, wheels, balloons, fans and more. The system itself is build like a game of puzzle. Here, you need to think carefully about the location of the components of your transport, as this will depend on its speed. After assembly of the design is complete, it is safe to have a pig and hit the road. During the movement can be made in their means to accelerate, but it needs to be activated.

Rovio company managed to create a truly high-quality product, which has a fascinating game process, which finally stepped away from the troubling pattern. (Bad Piggies Download)

Bad Piggies adds new levels and time trial – Bad Piggies Download

(Bad Piggies Download) As we announced a couple of weeks ago, Rovio is taking pains to keep players happy all their games through constant updates. This time it was his turn to Bad Piggies, the title that puts us in the shoes of the evil pigs of Angry Birds in the goal of building the strangest vehicles and reach the goal.

Evidence came true and the main novelty is the appearance comes in 6 new levelsRoad Hogs“. The same people can be found within each episode, and consist of a long mountain road crossing by a vehicle built for ourselves, all before time runs marked by the clock present in the upper right corner of the screen.

Bad Piggies free download for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS X

Moreover, the Bad Piggies update we can enjoy 30 new levels to complete the chapter “Flightin the Night”. This time, the task is to go quietly into the night under all the birds, trying to wake up and they do not become aware of our presence. If that happens, we will not be easy to reach the goal as the “heroes of Angry Birds” will become enemies to throw at us furiously and destroy vehicles.

Although Bad Piggies did not penetrate as deeply among players as it did at first “Angry Birds”, Rovio did not give up and keep trying to exploit all of its products to the last drop, but always with originality to seek new forms of gameplay that pique the interest of a greater number of users.

The update is available for free to all Android devices in the coming days and will be coming also in its version for computers. And tuned, because in the words of the developers, this is not the latest fad that we know in the world of Bad Piggies fun. (Bad Piggies Download)

Rovio has released a major update to the Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies update(Bad Piggies update) The company Rovio today updated Bad Piggies, which gaming publications IGN named the best mobile game of 2012. Acquainted with the innovations can holders Android-and iOS-devices. According to the developers, in version 1.2.0 30 new levels appeared Flight in the Night, six achievements and time trial at the six levels Road Hogs.
Bad Piggies game more than Angry Birds, matching the genre of puzzle. Instead of shooting and destruction of the players with the help of available virtual resources necessary to build various devices to overcome obstacles. (Bad Piggies update)

Approaching the next Bad Piggies update

badpiggies_roadhogsBad Piggies, physical puzzle game developed by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment, will soon get an upgrade to new levels – about the company told its official page on the social service called Twitter.

In yesterday’s “tweets» Rovio in his trademark style (which, as always, put the image-teaser) hinted at a future update, entitled Road Hogs.

Unfortunately, no other information about the company is not an update posted. As for the release date of Road Hogs, the company got off only one sentence in the picture: “soon”.

So what will the new update? (As we know, each update games Rovio, whether Bad Piggies or Angry Birds, thematic). As the name  and the checkered flag in the teaser, we can guess that the update will be a racing theme.

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